Injections and Blood Sugar Tests

You can't explain to an infant with diabetes why you have to prick his finger or give him an insulin injection. But if your very young child has been diagnosed with diabetes, these are unpleasant necessities. You can still provide a sense of trust with your little one by providing lots of warmth and cuddling after each finger prick and injection. Plan any diabetes-related activities for times when you can focus on the child; avoid scheduling injections for a time when the rest of the family is rushing around, getting meals ready or preparing for school and work. 

As your child begins to learn about his body, encourage him to participate in the routine. Give your child some control over the situation by choosing which finger will be pricked, or where the injection will go. Little children are often very impressed with Band-Aids; a colorful Band-Aid after an injection or a prick may help ease the situation. 

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